An Observation

So, I just finished watching Warm Bodies with my mom and younger sister. A big theme that I saw in it is the human need and desire to connect and bond with other humans. The story takes place after the zombie apocalypse, with the remaining humans trying their best to live and survive in a stronghold that they have built in order to keep the zombies away from them. The “warm bodies,” which are corpses that are not too deteriorated, were able to come back to life if they were able to bond with other warm bodies or humans. There were corpses that were deteriorated too much, which were referred to “bonies”; they were unable to be saved. Anyways, the warm bodies and humans joined forces and in turn saved what remained of the world by starving the bonies into extinction. Interesting movie, I guess; but I’m starting this post in reference to it because it seems to go along with a theme I have noticed in the world around me a lot recently.


People are naturally gregarious; we have always been so, even in nomadic times, before we were “civilized.” We also need bonds and connections with other people for emotional and psychological reasons. Yet, so many of us strive to be different. I have many friends that willingly exist as complete radicals, because they do not want to conform to societal standards. I understand that desire; I don’t want to conform either, but rejection is something I fear as well,in certain circumstances. But why is this conflict so prominent in us as humans? People want to be part of a group, yet they do not want to loose their individuality. “Well, obviously…” you’re thinking. “That’s just how we are.” But is it really?


I have met people that absolutely must conform in order to feel that they are worth anything. I have met people that conform without thinking about it. I have met people that see themselves as “different,” and don’t bother forcing themselves into conforming with those around them because they accept that they are unique. I have met people that force themselves to be different, and I have met people that think they are different for conforming to the newest trends. Obviously, people approach connecting to the world around them in different ways; this comes solely from who they are as individuals, yet, there seems to be such a struggle around it. I think it’s sad; I accept who I am, and I can relate to those around me if they have qualities that I have or admire, and I can easily exist on my own; but I have,  need and want others that I can connect with. Personally, this is what I think is ideal; but I know that is an opinion, not law.


I’m not sure where I was going with this, other than to bring to light that your inner struggle (if you do struggle with it) isn’t so rare. People need friendly and intimate bonds in their life, we need connections; I think this is a very primal desire, something we should follow our instincts in order to sate. But, what good it will do for ourselves and humanity, is opinionated.


That is all for now; hopefully this is what you were expecting from the blog title. If it is horrible, feel free to leave a comment or two.




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