The Admiration

I admire beauty. I have always been this way, and continue to expand my knowledge and opinion of what’s “beautiful.” This is part of the reason I am drawn to the arts: visual arts, literature, dance, anything. Art also has this amazing ability to show who and what people actually are; and, that little aspect is what has effectively kept me involved with it.

To me, for something to have beauty, it must have meaning. It must represent or show something, whether that be some aspect of the individual creating or performing the art piece, or the thousands of years of natural selection to create the simple house cat, because I believe that nature is an art form as well (more on that in a later post…). Of course, there are different levels and categories of beauty, but they are highly opinionated. To me, people are very beautiful; I love how so many different qualities, experiences, circumstances, and actions come together in some sort of combination to create an essence, a whole. Every person is different; yes, there are more “cookie cutter” types, but I find them beautiful as well, because they are still different than the last “cookie cutter” you met, in some aspect. Although, my favorite people are those types that I have never encountered before, the rare ones. Not that I’ve met too many people yet, but I have run into my fair share. But because I consider my love for individuals a passion of mine, I have whole-hearted intentions to meet many, many more.

What brought this idea on for a post was reading a fellow blogger’s most recent entry. I met him where I attend college, and he is an excellent writer. Of course, the word “excellent” does not encompass his writing, but it will suffice for now. As I was reading his entry, I could not help but admire the way he spun the words with delicacy and dry irony, somehow making his sentences spit inconspicuous bits of fire behind a veil of refined cloth without burning the masterpiece down- because even a simple blog entry is a masterpiece for a true writer. Knowing this individual in person I know that, in essence, he is like this. I admire him very much for this quality for many reasons, one of which simply being that it is who he is. He, as a person, is beautiful to me, but his writing, which is what he utilizes to grow and show his soul to the world, is just as beautiful, if not more so. I say this because we as humans tend to have our true personality tripped up and altered by expectations, past experiences, and other things on it’s way from within ourselves to the world outside of us. Art, in my opinion, is a way to bypass all of this and let your soul shine through for what it is. And when people learn to utilize art to do this successfully, it is a truly beautiful phenomenon



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