“We touch, I feel a rush,

We clutch, it isn’t much,

But it makes me wonder what’s in store for us,

It’s lust, it’s tortuous…”


I just can’t let you go,

Every day there’s more,

More I feel, more I see,

More it hurts to breathe,

‘Cause my heart beats,

With a pain,it’s never weak,

Why can’t I find what I seek?

You never gave it to me,

Never saw what I needed,

Forgot I existed, and used me

To make you big, pushed me over,

Pushed, then broke the button,


“It’s like an explosion, every time I hold ya,

Wasn’t jokin’ when I told ya,

You take my breath away,

You’re like a supernova, 

And I’m…”



I gave you my all, 

My loyalty, my life, my fall,

My love, my heart, everything,

Through punishment and sting,

Payback and deserved hurt,

I was there, always, your spring,


“…I’ll blow my brains in your lap,

Lay here and die in your arms,

Drop to my knees, and I’m bleeding…

Before I put that gun to my temple, I’ll tell you this,

I would’ve done anything for you, 

To show you how much I adored you,

But it’s over now,

It’s too late to save our love,

Just promise me you’ll think of me every time you look up to the sky and see a star…”





(Quoted lines from Eminem’s “Space Bound”; all rights to him and the associated parties. I DO NOT CLAIM ANY OF THOSE VERSES AS MY OWN.)


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